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95% of unhappy customers will return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.


While JetJaw is all about you, here's a little information about the people behind the product.

We love great customer service. We also love creating innovative technology that's as elegant as it is reliable. It's with that passion that we made JetJaw.

The JetJaw Team

  • Mark Salsberry

    Mark Salsberry, CEO LinkedIn

    Mark believes customers are a company's most valuable assets, and as such, they deserve to be heard; he believes that as a business owner, listening to your customer is a profitable effort. Mark's intimate understanding of the wireless industry, coupled with his experience working with numerous retailers, have uniquely prepared him to a key problem facing businesses - managing their reputation at the moment of the experience. When not head-down in JetJaw, Mark can be found horsing around with his kids or out on a date with his best friend, and wife of 14 years, Erin.

  • James Gardner

    James Gardner, CTO LinkedIn

    James has what may be considered an anomaly in the technology field: a fully functional right brain, with an intense left brain. This regimented creative earned degrees in media arts and computer science. He first honed his technical expertise as an Army Intelligence Analyst until his passion for the outdoors led him to Colorado. Here he found a post with budding tech start-up, Schoolfusion. As the lead software engineer, he focused on improving user experience, new feature development and backend development and maintenance. His favorite part of Schoolfusion was working on a student participation system that gave a voice to students that teachers may have otherwise given up on. James saw a similar opportunity to give voice to the silent majority of customers through JetJaw.

  • Tony Blank

    Tony Blank, CIO LinkedIn

    Previously, Tony worked as an audio engineer in Atlanta, had a short-lived, ill-advised stint in marketing, and built a data center in South Carolina for Google. He's filled in the gaps playing music in various dark and smoky drinking establishments. His spare time is filled up with hacking interesting and worthy projects. Currently, he enjoys working with his co-workers and does all the visioneering at JetJaw. He made up the part about visioneering.

  • Marcus Birney

    Marcus Birney, Director of Operations and Strategy LinkedIn

    While Marcus was born in a fully autonomous, mono-linguistically Swedish, demilitarized archipelago under the protectorate of Finland, he remains firmly convinced that he is from β€œde other islands.” We struggle to see how that is connected with his successful path to JetJaw through, finance, sales, helicopter cinematography, higher education, and healthcare administration. Regardless, he brings a unique perspective that only someone with his experience, an International MBA from DU, and a successful summit of Kilimanjaro can give. Disclaimer from the folks in PR – he has also generated more than $66.5 million in revenue for institutions in which he has worked.

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